Band Biography

Obvurt was formed in 2020 in Québec, Canada.


A lifelong musician, in 2016 Phil was the victim of a car accident which severely injured his right wrist and completely prevented him from playing the guitar.
Despite undergoing multiple medical proceedures over the next two years, Phil was not able to regain his dexterity to the point of being able to play again. Though it was a devastating blow, he refused to give up on himself or on the guitar skills he had spent a lifetime attaining - so despite being right handed, he decided to buy a left-handed guitar to completely re-learn to play the instrument that he loved.

With the help of guitarist friend Michael Angelo Batio and non-stop determination and effort, Phil was able to re-learn to play as a lefty and was eventually able to write some new music.

Obvurt was formed in 2020 to give life to that new music. Joining Phil are bassist Olivier Pinard (Cattle Decapitation, Cryptopsy) and drummer Samuel Santiago (Agony, Ex Gorod).


Philippe was the one who came up with the name OBVURT which relates to his particular turn of fate.


OBVURT stands for Obvert (to oppose) and Hurt (to wound).

In the summer of 2020, the band assembled after working from home for months.


They recorded their first EP THE BEGINNING in August with the help of sound engineer Chris Donalson (Cryptopsy) from THE GRID studio in Montreal.



Obvurt - The Beginning Brutal Mind 31/21/03

Line Up : 
Philippe Drouin : Guitars / vocals
Olivier Pinard : Bass
Samuel Santiago : Drum

After album release, great articles came out on Guitar World, Metal Sucks, Metal Injection and more.

We played as a band for the first time ever live on June 23rd 2021, to a very unique audience.

It all came about because guitarist Philippe Drouin is also a music teacher at the school, and the faculty suggested setting it up. Philippe Drouin explains:“The physical education teacher and school principal introduced me to this idea,” Drouin said. “He was thinking about a party to celebrate the end of the school year by doing a show in the school backyard where [I teach music]. He knew about the release of [Obvurt album] The Beginning on March 31st and thought about the idea to bring The Beginning to life in the school backyard.”

Now, we are in the pre-production for our upcoming full-length album.

Stay tuned folks!!