02. Osteophyte

Carpe Osteophyte

Excroissance Osseuse

C’est la même chose

Un parasite



La vie est trop courte

Pour perdre son temps

J’ai décider d’y aller


Le présent n’a pas d’importance

Le passé non plus


Carpe Osteophyte 


Le jour où cette bosse est née

Jusqu’a ce que jme fasse opérer

Ça n’a pa fonctionner

Tant d’espoir consacré

Mais ce n’est pas terminé

J’ai tant de haine à cracher

 Ça ne fait que commencer


Carpe Osteophyte 


La vie est trop courte

Pour perdre son temps

J’ai décider de le faire


Le présent a de l’importance

Le futur aussi

03. The First Light

Opened eyes


Wake the fuck up

There is a hole 

Call To Destruction


Dealing with pain isn’t easy

Dealing with life

The Beginning 


What the fuck happened 

Same story begins

Again and again

So many questions in my head

Life or death, past or present light or darkness


Try, hurts, pain, suffering

Crazy shits happens

Stupid event stupid story stupid shit

But why?



Now, I have to deal with it

Story of a whole life, 

Just begins, to be continued



Hatred, sadness, sorrow

I tred but no results

Everything fucked up

I’m trapped in a hole

Over and over

Again and again


Give me the solution

To heal this sickness

To leave behind the conflict

What is it?

How much is it?


Depression a surrounded thing

The worst medic ever

Darkness is gone

I begin to see the light

I reborn


No words to explain what I felt

No one to understand the sensation

This indescriptible feeling

05. Scars Of War

On the first light of the day

I see the light

Not the dead

This is a new beginning

Beginning of a new life


Dark, light, life or death

Opposites the solution


Scars Of War


The Old me, didn’t survive

Deception isn’t the fate

Can’t stand it anymore now

My will is to grow


I keep the flame

The pain is gone

Nothing matters

There is light in this world I fight for

06. The End (Instrumental)