This is a concept album, talking about the tough reality I went through lately in my life until recently.


Nothing could be worst than that… to me.


The story behind each song Interpreted by Obvurt band from the album “the beginning” are explained below

1-Prelude in Dm: This prelude introduces the entrance of the first song “Osteophyte”. It was composed following a major practice of one J.S. Bach’s pieces “Corrente in Bm” … Bach is the best.


2- Osteophyte: This song talks about that unwanted bump on my wrist, it forced to play guitar as a left handed. I tried to play different way my picking to get it back but impossible. So, all that ended to the creation of this EP and the creation of this band.


3- the First light: This song is about what I remembered when I woke at hospital november 26th 2016. I used elements from the past and some of what I felt during the process of writing this song...


4-Obverted: This song declines the different levels of my frustration and having to put aside my pride and learning to play as a left-handed, that explain the fear of the failure, going through the frustrations. It is a broad overview of what I have felt “Losing the worthiest asset in your life”, Michael Angelo Batio played solo as guest Guitarist.


5-Scars of War: This piece speaks about perseverance. No mater the roadblock you hit through out your life; everything is possible when you pout your 100%. It’s talking about a new life, it says there is a light ad the end of the tunnel

6-The End: This is the end of Obvurt 1st chapter, it steps on the album title ¨ the beginning¨, at first this song was created from a up stroke picking exercises, and I decided to add a melody on top of it to complete the EP “The Beginning”. Notes: Most of the songs on this EP was composed with one hand playing guitar but recorded with two.