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  Obvurt – The Beginning    June 23rd 2021 -
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         Obvurt - The Beginning
        Release show June 23rd                                2021


New endorsement

Philippe Drouin is now endorsed by Sawtooth Guitars and Chromacast Accessories. "I couldn’t expect better endorsement. This team composed by Michael Angelo Batio, Vinny Appice, Rudy Sarzo and more. They are building great music instruments. I’m grateful to Sawtooth for their trust and support for having me very well equipped,so I could finish to write obvurt first album.Sawtooth guitars, Sawtooth amp, Chromacast and Godps, See ya!"


Guitar World 

"In one of the most inspiring guitar-related stories you’ll ever hear, electric guitar player Philippe Drouin completely relearned the guitar left-handed after a car accident left him unable to use his right hand for picking."


       Obvurt         The Beginning OUT NOW

Scars Of War Guitar play through premiere on Metal sucks!!!


Listen to:

Obvurt -The Beginning 

A courtesy by metal injection!

Un parcours de combattant:
"On ne pourra pas reprocher à Philippe Drouin de manquer de persévérance ni de ténacité. Victime d’un accident de la route qui lui a laissé des séquelles à un bras, le guitariste de Québec a refusé de faire le deuil de son instrument. "         Le Soleil 23 mars 2021. 
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Michael Angelo Batio

¨I met Philippe when he first started to play left handed. I knew how good of a right handed guitarist he was, and I was sure that with his talent and work ethic, he would be great as a left handed player. I was right. Congrats!¨

Obvurt signs with Brutal Mind

"We’re extremely excited to announce that Obvurt recently joins Brutal Mind. A lot of great things coming up!

Our first release will be available in 2021 through Brutal Mind."

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Obvurt enters the studio