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"In one of the most inspiring guitar-related stories you’ll ever hear, electric guitar player Philippe Drouin completely relearned the guitar left-handed after a car accident left him unable to use his right hand for picking."


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Un parcours de combattant:
"On ne pourra pas reprocher à Philippe Drouin de manquer de persévérance ni de ténacité. Victime d’un accident de la route qui lui a laissé des séquelles à un bras, le guitariste de Québec a refusé de faire le deuil de son instrument. "         Le Soleil 23 mars 2021. 
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Michael Angelo Batio

¨I met Philippe when he first started to play left handed. I knew how good of a right handed guitarist he was, and I was sure that with his talent and work ethic, he would be great as a left handed player. I was right. Congrats!¨

Obvurt signs with Brutal Mind

"We’re extremely excited to announce that Obvurt recently joins Brutal Mind. A lot of great things coming up!

Our first release will be available in 2021 through Brutal Mind."

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